How to become Force Sensitive (glowy)

last updated 4.29.2005

Warning: This was created before the "Combat Upgrade" I may have to revise it to reflect the changes

Every player in SWG can become a Jedi. It takes a lot of hard grinding. More than any other profession (which makes sense). The easiest part is the beginning--becoming Force Sensitive.

Most get this far and then when they see how much grinding it takes to get to Jedi Initiate, they stop. It does not take any skill points to become Force Sensitive, and you can always later decide to grind out Jedi if you wish.

To become Force Sensitive, you need to obtain a certain number and type of badges. Badges are things that appear on your character sheet. They are little things on your profile that show what specific task or location you have visited in the game.

There are different types of badges. One is a point of interest (POI) badge. These are the easiest to obtain. These locations are waypoints on your datapad. Go to Points of Interest and activate them for your current planet. Not all of the POI badges appear as waypoints on your datapad. Some POI are on more dangerous planets to new players than others. To get Force Sensitive, you need 5 easy POI badges, 3 Jedi POI badges, and 2 difficult POI badges.

The Jedi POI badges:
Ben's hutt - Tatooine (POI on map)
Jedi Temple - Dantooine (POI on map) -- walk to the ruins on the platform
Exar Kun's Temple - Yavin (POI on map)

Difficult POI badges:
Krayt Skeleton - Tatooine (POI on map)
Sarlacc - Tatooine (POI on map)
Tusken Pool - Tatooine (POI on map)
Krayt Graveyard - Tatooine (POI on map)
Lesser Sarlacc - Dathomir (POI on map)

(there may be other POIs considered difficult, but these work and are pretty easy--you might find something other than the lesser sarlacc on dath)

All other POI badges are considered "easy"

Another kind of badge is a profession badge. You get a profession badge after you mastered a profession. You need to master 1 profession in order to become Force Sensitive. It is easiest to master a starting profession (Artisan, Brawler, Entertainer, Marksman, Medic, Scout). Refer to a grinding guide for a profession in order to master more quickly.

The next kind of badge you will need is a content badge. This is a badge given after completing certain missions/tasks. You must get 5 content badges to become Force Sensitive. Here are the possibilites:

Jabba's Themepark
Nym's Themepark
Rebel Themepark
Imperial Themepark
2 Warren Badges (Compassion, Imperial Hero)
9 Corvette Badges (Rebel, Imperial, Neutral - 3 badges for each type)

I was a Rebel when I became Force Sensitive, so I did Jabba's, Nym's, Rebel Themeparks, and got the 2 Warren badges. I suggest doing that--or if you are Imperial, do the Imperial Themepark. The Corvette is very difficult, and you must be in a group that knows what they are doing to get any of those badges.

These are done by going to a certain location, and talking to certain NPCs and completing the missions they give you. Get a walkthrough for these, or at least get the information you need on where to get started. You should have some combat skill when doing these, as you will be required to do combat on your missions. The mission types given to you will be destroy, escort, and simply just deliver (or converse) with NPCs out in the field. You will get some unique loot only given for completion of themepark missions, so have some extra inventory space.

The Warren:
This is located on Dantooine. It is an underground Imperial complex that is a horrific maze (well some may think it isn't too bad). Be sure to get a guide and walkthrough and study the map. You must do a number of tasks while inside and loot certain items in order to receive both badges.

NOTE: Even though I was a rebel, I got the Imperial Hero badge--it is just the name of the badge, you do not have to be Imperial to get it.

Checking your progress:

You can see how you are doing to become force sensitive, by doing /check. (Do not have anything targeted when doing this command). You will get different messages saying how far you are. It may not be reliable, so just wait until you get all of the above finished and it should say.. "You feel an inner glow. The Force is with you."

For the curious, here are the different messages:
You feel no connection with the Force.
You barely notice something different about yourself.
You feel a faint sense of the Force.
You have a strong sense of the Force within you.
You feel the Force surge within you.
You feel an inner glow. The Force is with you.

After glowing...

After a day or more, you will be visited by the old man. He is an NPC who wants to talk with you. Talk and take the Force Crystal he offers you. Once you do, he will disappear. One day later, you will be attacked by two Sith. They are easy, and after that, you will be given the location to the Jedi village on Dathomir. You then should notice in your skillsheet that you have the Force Level profession tree, and the 4 Jedi grinding skillsets in your "all professions" section. When you get to the village, that is where you will begin the grind for Jedi Initiate.

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